Thursday, December 15, 2005

Church Planting Self-Assessment Video


I made a video documentary as an answer for one of the questions. Here is a place for you to find the video.

Click here for Video

I have been having some formatting issues that are making it difficult for me to give you a quality video here. If you would prefer to see the better quality version I can send you a DVD in the mail.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

What is HobbyVision? I'm Glad You Asked!

I feel that for my first post I must make some preliminary remarks. I'm not sure why. Nevertheless, here they are.

I am calling this Hobby vision because I want to expose my perception of life in order that I may be both confronted and encouraged by you as I seek to be transformed into the image of Christ. I hope you find my thoughts stimulating toward that which is good.

This past year has been one of transition. I became a father of a energetic little boy named Jayden Hobby. I started working in a different area of ministry with a different congregation. I'm working on my second job within the year (by choice). Our family has decided to change direction in goals for future ministry. The one thing that has remained constant, though always keeping me in a state of transition, is the graduate program which I am about to finish.

It has been an exciting year. God has taught me many wonderful things. One of those things is a deeper appreciation for mystery. In the past I have loved the security of knowing what I was doing and was going to be doing. Always a false sense of security; still, very comforting. The foundation for this newfound appreciation can be attributed to a new theological paradigm.

In reading John Mark Hicks' Come to the Table, I was impressed by the notion that God creates and redeems with communion as the goal. In a small mentoring group that met for lunch weekly, we considered Brother Lawrence's practices in spiritual discipline (See Practice in the Presence of God). We gave each other homework assignments so that we could focus on acknowledging the presence of God in any aspect of life (work, play, rest, service, etc.).

These process items in my life have allowed me to think of my life more in terms of journey with God. I don't always have a sense of direction, but I have new lenses for responding to various situations.

Hopefully this provides a good introduction for me to build from. I hope we will bump into each other on this journey. And, maybe we can share in the valuable resources God is providing to nourish our souls until this journey ends and we can share it his eternal feast.